My Endorsements

I’m pleased to share the following endorsements from computing professionals working in academia, industry, and government. More importantly, they are all fellow Computer Society volunteers, with whom I have worked over the years and can speak to my contributions to the Society. They come from around the world and represent a true cross-section of the Society: Leaders in Society publications, conferences, education, standards, technical communities, chapter activities, industry advisory boards, podcasting, and Young Professional initiatives. They include 6 past presidents, 6 past VPs, 9 other Board of Governor members, 10 IEEE Fellows, 7 Editors in Chief, and numerous other leadership roles throughout our Society. I am grateful to them for their support and for the reminders of the great work we have already done together.

List of Endorsers: Ayşe BaşarMegha BenRobert BlumenGrady BoochJan BoschElizabeth (Liz) BurdGreg ByrdAnita CarletonJeff CarverAndy ChenJane Cleland-HuangAnnie CombellesTom ConteChristof EbertDavid EbertHakan ErdogmusDavide FalessiJohn FavaroRoger FujiiJean-Luc GaudiotVladimir GetovJill GostinJohn GrundyRick KazmanGargi KeeniSy-Yen KuoSusan K. (Kathy) LandRamalatha MarimuthuNenad MedvidovicGrigori MelnikTim MenziesDejan MilojicicPrasanth MohanMaurizio MorisioHausi MüllerSan MurugesanRamesh NairPaul NielsenAndre ObolerIpek OzkayaFrances PaulischMarian PetreRafael PrikladnickiLinda RisingJon RosdahlChristina SchoberGreg ShannonDiomidis SpinellisGirish SuryanarayanaGeorge K. ThiruvathukalEvelyn TianMichiel van GenuchtenJohn WalzAdam WelcLaurie WilliamsUwe ZdunOlaf ZimmermannThomas Zimmermann

Roger Fujii – IEEE Fellow; 2016 IEEE Computer Society president; Computer Society Golden Core Member; VP (retired) of Northrop Grumman; President of Fujii Systems

Forrest Shull is a recognized technical leader in Computer Science technology and a key leader in shaping the future of the Computer Society.  He will make an outstanding Computer Society President.  Forrest has a comprehensive understanding of all Computer Society technical activities (Publications, Conferences, Standards, Education, and Professional Training) – key requirement to be President of the Computer Society with its wide field of interest.  As a Past Computer Society President, I had Forrest serve on many committees including the Computer Society’s Executive Committee where I was able to observe Forrest offering thoughtful and decisive action plans.

The Computer Society is in a period of significant change and the society will need someone with Forrest’s leadership skills to navigate the society through some important decisions.  Most importantly, Forrest is a thoughtful, honest and inclusive leader – characteristics essential for the Computer Society President.  I am pleased to add my name to the endorsement of Forrest Shull as the next Computer Society President.

Jean-Luc Gaudiot – IEEE Fellow; 2017 IEEE Computer Society president; Professor, Henry Samueli School of Engineering, University of California, Irvine

I have known Forrest for several years and have had many opportunities to appreciate his service to the community.  He was Editor-in-Chief of one of our flagship magazines and led with a sure hand by creating innovative associations with conferences and other meetings. Then, as a member of the Computer Society Board of Governors, he has been a leading force in the Executive Committee and has chaired many crucial committees. 

For instance, when I was the 2017 President, I particularly appreciated his steady leadership on the Portfolio Review Committee, at a time when we were battling fundamental financial issues. You, his colleagues, have recognized his achievements by electing him to the position of 1st VP and I understand that his opinions are highly respected and exert a profound influence on the decisions of the Executive Committee.

The list of people who endorse Forrest’s candidacy is a veritable Who’s Who in our community and I am proud to add my name to this list.  These accolades speak for themselves and only point to one thing (and I wholeheartedly agree): Forrest should be the next IEEE Computer Society President!

Susan K. (Kathy) Land – Region 3 – IEEE Fellow; IEEE Technical Activities Vice President 2018; 2009 IEEE Computer Society President; IEEE Board of Directors Division VIII (2011-2012)/Division V (2014-15); IEEE USA Board (2013, 2016)

I have known Forrest for many years, both professionally and as a volunteer through IEEE. Forrest Shull is one of the highest caliber individuals that I know, setting the standards for integrity and intelligence. Working closely with him as an IEEE volunteer I have always admired his selfless dedication to advancing the IEEE Computer Society mission and vision. In addition to possessing the leadership qualities required for this executive leadership position, Forrest has spent time accumulating the required knowledge and experience in increasingly complex senior leadership roles within the Computer Society. This is critical when considering who to endorse for President. I might really like someone, have someone as a friend, but the issue at hand – are they a leader? And do they have the experience to lead? I can say, without hesitation, that Forrest has demonstrated on both counts that he is ready and able to take the IEEE Computer Society into the future. He is the leader that is needed now. Forrest understands the organization – from its complicated finances, its intricate balance of technical activities, to its required membership and geographic support. He is not driven by his own agenda, but if you look at his statement – he wants to do what is best for the Society, its volunteers and members. I enthusiastically support Forrest Shull, and would request that each IEEE Computer Society member thoughtfully consider him as their candidate when they cast their ballot.

Thomas M. Conte – IEEE Fellow; 2015 IEEE Computer Society President; Co-chair of the Rebooting Computing Initiative; Past chair of the IEEE CS Technical Committee on Microprogramming and Microarchitecture; Past Computer Society VP for Publications; Professor of Computer Science and ECE at Georgia Tech

I have worked with Forrest Shull as a volunteer for the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors.

Forrest shares my belief that any decision must pass the test, “is this good for our members?”

In my opinion, he is the best qualified to lead the Society at this point in time.

I endorse him without hesitation and in the strongest terms possible!

John Walz – IEEE Senior member; 2012 IEEE Computer Society President; Computer Society Golden Core Member; Richard E. Merwin Awardee (2019);  IEEE Director (2015-2016,2018-2019) supporting Computer Society; IEEE Treasurer (2017); IEEE USA Board (2018-2019); Senior Manager (retired) of Lucent Technologies

I heartily endorse Dr. Forrest Shull for IEEE Computer Society president.

As Past President of Computer Society and a software engineering practitioner, I had a special interest in Forrest as the Software magazine Editor in Chief. I recognized his bridges to industry and practitioners to keep our content relevant in two novel and successful examples: IEEE Software’s annual Software Experts Summit and the Software Engineering Radio podcast.

I worked with Forrest on the Board and ExCom for the last six turbulent years. I saw in various leadership positions his demonstrated strategic thinking that helped the Computer Society move towards its long‐term goals and shed several low-priority activities. At the Board of Governors, he served in a leading role on critical discussions with his constructive approaches. 

As he possesses the leadership qualities required for this executive leadership position, I am pleased to add my name to the endorsement of Forrest Shull as the next Computer Society President.

Hausi Müller – 2016-18 VP of the IEEE Computer Society (CS) Technical and Conferences Activities Board; 2011-15 IEEE CS Technical Council on Software Engineering; 2019 Member IEEE Conferences Committee; 2019 co-chair IEEE Future Directions Quantum Initiative; co-founder of ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS); general chair of 2001 ACM/IEEE International Conference of Software Engineering; General Chair of 2014 IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution; Technical program co-chair of 2015 and 2018 IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things; 12 years on the IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering editorial board; Professor of Computer Science and 2009-19 associate dean of research, Faculty of Engineering, at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I hope you will join me in voting for Dr. Forrest Shull as the 2020 president-elect of the IEEE Computer Society (CS). Forrest is the right person to lead the Computer Society at this critical juncture.

I have known Forrest for many years, first as a fellow researcher and an up-and-comer in the field of Empirical Software Engineering, and later as a member of the Board of Governors (BoG) and Executive Committee when I was VP for CS’s Technical and Conference Activities for three years. When the Society was going through financial challenges, Forrest helped us focus on good process and data-driven decision-making. Throughout this time, Forrest has been a leading and calming voice on the board conveying understanding and empathy to CS members, volunteers, and staff, who work so hard for the Society.

Forrest is a consummate bridge-builder who will be able to reach out to all of CS’s constituents to involve them in discussions so that their voices are heard to track and guarantee the impact and relevance of CS’s services and products. He has an outstanding track record of reaching out to industry for Society initiatives. While Forrest was VP for CS Membership, he worked hard to increase the visibility and appreciation of chapter events at BoG meetings and on the CS executive committee.  

Forrest is strongly committed to EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) at all IEEE levels.  A good example is his passion for seeking opportunities for better engagement with our Technical Committees (TCs) and Special Technical Committees (STCs). To improve CS’s member value and cement its position as a leading society, I fully endorse the top item on Forrest’s list of priorities in his campaign statement: concentrate on better visibility, opportunities for participation, and investments in these communities. His focus on representing the voices that are not always heard, as strongly as one would hope for, is an important characteristic needed in CS’s next president.

Forrest has the skills required for being an outstanding CS president. He is a natural leader, has excellent communications and management skills, has served CS in many different roles, and has a great vision for CS’s future.

Grady Booch – IEEE Computer Pioneer; IEEE Fellow; ACM Fellow; IBM Fellow

I unequivocally endorse Dr. Forrest Shull for IEEE Computer Society President.

I’ve had the pleasure of writing two extended columns for IEEE Software, On Architecture and On Computing, under the stewardship of Forrest. He is a leader who embraces the possible while simultaneously attending to the pragmatic. I am confident he will lead the IEEE Computer Society well.

Andy Chen – President-elect IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society; Computer Society VP for Professional and Educational Activities Board, 2017-2018; president & CEO of Catronic Enterprises

I strongly and enthusiastically endorse Dr. Forrest Shull for the position of President-elect at the IEEE Computer Society (CS).

Over the past four years, I had the pleasure to work with Dr. Shull on the Executive Committee and Board of Governors of IEEE Computer Society. Dr. Shull took on several critical officer roles including VP of MGA, Secretary and Treasurer while I was the VP of the Professional and Educational Activities Board.  We both served on the Computer Society Board of Governors.

We worked closely together on many important initiatives including strategic planning and board objectives during a time of financial challenges in the Computer Society. Dr. Shull’s extensive experience team building and strategic thinking helped the Computer Society ExCom greatly in focusing on its long‐term goals.

I provide my highest recommendation of Dr. Shull due to his singular and outstanding ability to work very hard, effective communications ability, genuine compassion for others, inclusive and exceptional capabilities working in and leading teams and organizations.

Megha Ben – Vice Chair of IEEE CS MGAB for Student and Young Professional Activities; 2 times Richard E Merwin Scholar; Technical Sales Support Professional at Siemens

I have known Forrest during his term as the VP of Member & Geographic Activity Board (MGAB) within the Computer Society. He is a dynamic leader – always energetic and fully committed to his responsibilities.

One of Forrest’s priority areas, identified in his position statement, is making the Society more relevant for Students and Young Professionals. I was well aware of his concerns in this area, and his work to improve the situation, through my own interaction with him. Forrest joined us in India in 2018 for the All India Student and Young Professionals Congress in Goa, where he participated in the many technical discussions and also presented on the importance of volunteering. He greatly enjoyed hearing about the work of some of our best student chapters, which were showcased at the conference as well, and was impressed by what they have been able to accomplish and the energy of the participants.

He is a firm believer in having a balanced leadership team that includes Young Professionals and allows their voices to be heard. One indication of this was that he asked me to join an ad-hoc committee earlier this year on increasing member benefits.  We spent much time in our meetings discussing the needs of Young Professionals and how to improve the Society’s relevance for their needs in today’s job market. I have seen how brilliantly he brings forth innovative ideas to the  table and inspires others to do the same. His energy is contagious. He has an open minded and creative approach, which is indeed the need of a dynamic Society like IEEE CS.

Forrest cares deeply about Young Professionals finding a home in the Society and offerings that address their needs as well as our other classes of members. Forrest will be a strong advocate for their voice.

I believe in his leadership and am sure that he is the best we have, and we look up to. I strongly endorse and support Forrest Shull as the next President of IEEE Computer Society.

David Ebert – IEEE Fellow; 2017-2019 Board of Governors; Past EIC, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics; Silicon Valley Professor of ECE, Purdue University; Director, Purdue Visualization and Analytics Center 

I have been fortunate to work with Forrest on the Board of Governors and the Executive Committee of the Computer Society. One project we co-led was to design and implement the Portfolio Review project that was a major step in evaluating and re-vitalizing the offerings of the Computer Society. In all my interactions, Forrest was insightful, hard-working, and dedicated to helping the Society improve. Forrest is a dedicated volunteer, a great leader who values all team input, consensus builder, and great choice to lead the Computer Society.

Christina Schober – 2010-2011 IEEE Sensors Council President; 2011 Computer Society VP for Conferences and Tutorial; 2005-2006 Computer Society VP for Chapter Activities; 5-term IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors member; 2018-2020 IEEE TAB Strategic Planning committee; Product Team Lead/Staff Engineer at Honeywell Aerospace

I endorse Forrest Shull for IEEE Computer Society President without reservation.  I served on the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors with Forrest (2015-2016).  I was very impressed with his thoughtful, collaborative and energetic approach. He listened and worked on solutions that included up-front analysis and thoroughness, resulting in meaningful data driven actions.  Forrest Shull is very respectful of the full diversity of the Computer Society.  He has the leadership experience, vision and focus as described in his position statement to lead CS in its continuing transformation.  Forrest is the leader that the Computer Society needs now and I would encourage you to vote to select him as your next President.

Jill Gostin – IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors 2014-2019; IEEE Region 3 Director-Elect 2018-2019; IEEE Future Directions Committee 2019; Principal Research Scientist at the Georgia Tech Research Institute

During our time serving together on the Computer Society Board of Governors, I have had first-hand experience serving on committees with Dr. Forrest Shull. When he headed the Computer Society’s Member and Geographic Activities Board (MGAB), I was a member of the MGAB and saw him put forth innovative ideas and guide the team in defining goals and putting plans in place to achieve those goals. I served on the Portfolio Review committee with him, a committee for which he developed a measurable and sustainable process for assessing our publications portfolio, ensuring that we considered each publication from all possible angles to ensure fairness and completeness. I’ve watched him listen closely to others presenting viewpoints that were in opposition to his own, and then provide a respectful and reasoned response. He has the qualities I look for in a leader – he listens to others with an open mind, he follows through on his words with actions, he is willing to make tough decisions, he is a person of the highest integrity with a very positive, inspiring spirit, and he is passionate about serving. For these reasons, I strongly endorse Dr. Forrest Shull for Computer Society President-Elect 2020.

Robert Blumen – Show Editor, Software Engineering Radio podcast; Department Editor, IEEE Software; DevOps Engineer at Salesforce

As department editor of the IEEE Software magazine podcast Software Engineering Radio, which reaches over 2 million listeners per year, I endorse Dr. Forrest Shull for Computer Society President.  During his tenure as Software magazine Editor-in-Chief, he was instrumental in bringing the podcast under the wing of the Computer Society, ensuring that we had adequate support in the early days, and acting as an advocate for the podcast within the larger organization.   This helped the podcast in our mission of publishing high-quality content to an increasing audience of practitioners.  Today, Software Engineering Radio continues to grow, generates ad revenue for the Society, and produces a regular schedule of content that is consumed mostly by listeners who are new to the Society.  I have discussed with Dr. Shull his aims to increase the relevance of the Society to industry, to support innovative content distribution models such as podcasts, and I look forward to working with him to grow SE Radio’s impact.

Sy-Yen Kuo– IEEE Fellow; 2017-2020 Board of Governors; Pegatron Chair Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Since I was elected as a member on the Board of Governors 3 years ago, I have had the opportunity to appreciate Forrest’s service to the CS community.  In the board meetings, he consistently served as a leading role in many discussions on critical issues and made constructive suggestions. This year I am also in the Executive Committee of the Computer Society and therefore, I had the privilege to observe him offering great ideas and action plans. Forrest took on several critical positions in the past including First VP, VP of MGA, Society Secretary and Treasurer, and Co-chair of Portfolio Review Committee. He has the complete experience to be the President. Forrest was hard-working, enthusiastic and dedicated to help the Society move forward. I strongly endorse Dr. Forrest Shull for Computer Society President-Elect 2020.

Nenad Medvidovic – IEEE Fellow; Editor in Chief, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering; Steering Committee Chair, International Conference on Software Engineering (2013-15); Program Co-Chair, ICSE 2011; Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Southern California; Founding Director, SoftArch Laboratory at USC

I heartily endorse Dr. Forrest Shull for IEEE Computer Society president.

I have known Forrest since at least a decade ago, when we co-hosted one of IEEE Software’s Software Expert Summits at USC. Forrest was always interested in better connecting the magazine community to readers and authors, and this was one of the first of several thought-provoking and well-received events that combined thought leaders from the magazine’s global group of volunteers and the local research community.

Today, Forrest is an Associate Editor for TSE, of which I am Editor in Chief, where he handles submissions in the area of Empirical Software Engineering (ESE) for us. He has made important contributions to the field of software engineering – both as a technical contributor and a volunteer. He is a well-known researcher in the field, with a solid track record of publications, and co-editor of a handbook on advanced ESE. But more than that, he has helped grow and support the ESE field through his volunteer efforts, having established a column in IEEE Software to showcase relevant ESE results, and serving as Program Co-chair and General Co-chair of the main conference in the area, ACM/IEEE ESEM.

Forrest also cares deeply about work at the intersection of research and practice, and in this area again he has demonstrated dedication to both technical and volunteer work. He has a solid track record of peer-reviewed publications that rely on rigorous empirical analysis of the results of software engineering approaches in practice. But he has also dedicated time as a volunteer to organizing Software Engineering in Practice tracks at conferences to help support the community and showcase more of the good work of this type. To do this he has volunteered at conferences including ESEM and our flagship software engineering conference, ICSE.

Forrest’s contributions to both technical work and volunteerism in our field make him an excellent choice to lead the Society. I ask you to support him with your vote.

Thomas Zimmermann– IEEE Senior Member; Associate Editor for IEEE Software; General Chair of IEEE/ACM ASE 2019; General Chair MSR 2013; Program Co-Chair of IEEE ICSME 2017, ICSE SEIP 2015, and MSR 2010 and 2011; Co-Editor in Chief of Empirical Software Engineering; ACM Distinguished Scientist; Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research

I fully endorse Dr. Forrest Shull’s candidacy as Computer Society President. I have known for Dr. Shull for over ten years and I cannot think of a better candidate. I’ve worked with Dr. Shull in various activities related to journals and conferences. Dr. Shull has a proven track record of energizing a broad volunteer base through various activities.

As Editor In Chief of IEEE Software he modernized the magazine and oversaw the successful transition of the magazine to a variety of new channels (digital, podcasts, multimedia), which I was fortunate to observe firsthand, as a member of the editorial board. Dr. Shull also expanded editorial and advisory boards to include volunteers from all regions of the world and from industry. His innovations significantly contributed to the success of IEEE Software, which is now one of the top software publications. Dr. Shull has demonstrated excellent conference leadership. He served as Program Chair and General Chair of many IEEE conferences. He established the Software Experts Summit, which is an annual event with presentations of international thought leaders.

The combination of his expertise with IEEE publications and conferences, his past innovations, and his ability to energize volunteers make Dr. Shull an ideal candidate for Computer Society President and I look forward to contributing to the community under his leadership.

Tim Menzies – IEEE Fellow; Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering; Associate Editor, IEEE Software; Program Committee Member, ICSE 2020; Professor, North Carolina State University; Director, RAISE Lab (Real-world Artificial Intelligence for Software Engineering)

Forrest Shull is running for President of the IEEE Computer Society. He has my full support!  He needs yours!

TL;DR: For computer science researchers interested in practical applications of their work, there is no better candidate for IEEE Computer Society president than Forrest.  

I’ve enjoyed working with Forrest since last century on many projects such as successful NSF grants, journal papers,  well-attended  ICSE tutorials, etc. Forrest is  unique — always looking over the horizon, always working on better research tools, and better research infrastructures.  I very much appreciate his rigorous empirical approach — and its practicality.  His landmark work on perspective-based inspections offered a set of much needed (and simple to implement) methods for improving the quality of any kind of software system. His 2007 edited collection “Guide to advanced empirical software engineering” (with Janice Singer, and Dag IK Sjøberg) remains, to this day,  my “go to” reference for that area of SE research.

As his career grew, his leadership role expanded.  He served as Program Chair and General Chair of many IEEE conferences.  In 2011, he become Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Software where he worked hard (and successfully) to refresh and update that publication (digital versions, annual software engineers Expert’s summit, the free SE Radio podcast). In that role, he had me and Tom Zimmermann guest edit a special issue on Software Analytics (2013). That special issue is a clear example of how Forrest envisions the Society focusing on being a home for impactful work with real-world application.  When it received so many submissions, Forrest gladly reorganized his publications schedule to give us space for two consecutive issues on the same topic. Just so you understand  the significance of that, I point out that within a publication like IEEE Software, rearranging the production schedule is a very BIG deal — so this illustrated Forrest’s clear and continuous commitment to the fostering and maturation of new ideas.

I note that the recent Google Metrics (software systems) now ranks IEEE Software as a top-ten  publications (ahead of many other senior venues such as ASE, MSR, ICSM and TOSEM). It takes years of  consistent, persistent hard work by many people such as Forrest (and his successor, Diomidis Spinellis, and now Ipek Ozkaya) to achieve such an elevated ranking. So congratulations to Forrest (and  Diomidis+Ipek).

Prasanth Mohan – Project Lead for IEEEXtreme: IEEE’s Largest Programming Competition (2017 & 2019); Student Awards Chair for IEEE Students (2019); Project Lead for IEEEmadC: Mobile Application Development Contest (2019); Vice-Chair, Student & Young Professionals, IEEE Computer Society MGA Board (2016 & 2018)

Forrest J Shull is a good supporter and motivator of Students & Young Professionals in the IEEE Computer Society. I had the opportunity to volunteer alongside Forrest during 2018, when he served as the Vice-President’s for Member & Geographic Activities Board of IEEE Computer Society. Forrest is very friendly and open to various discussions around Member Benefits and Members Issues. He took time out of his professional schedule to visit India and interact with the CS Students & Young Professionals and understand their needs and importance in the Society. 

He is good supporter of various student-focused competitions such as IEEEmadC & IEEEXtreme. Under his tenure as Vice-President for IEEE Computer Society, Mobile Application Development Contest (madC) obtained excellent support from IEEE Computer Society & IEEE New Initiatives Committee. I’m sure under his leadership as CS President (if elected) IEEEmadC will reach many more members in the organisation. Forrest is also keen on expanding CS activities, benefits, and opportunities aimed at students and early career professionals. He sees them as the future of the IEEE Computer Society and that they need to be given a special attention. 

Forrest is focused on improving the Chapter Support for volunteer-led activities. Being a society with a large number of student & professional Chapters in IEEE, Computer Society can offer much more support and incentives for Computer Society Chapters. Having volunteered alongside Forrest in the Computer Society MGA Board, I am confident that his thinking and approach will lead the IEEE Computer Society to new heights. I strongly endorse Dr. Forrest Shull for IEEE Computer Society President-Elect 2020.

Greg Byrd – Computer Society VP of Publications (2017-18); Member, Computer Society Board of Governors (2015–2017); Past general chair and program chair, IEEE International Conference on Computer Design; Professor of ECE, NC State University

Forrest Shull is an excellent candidate for President-Elect.  He has strong leadership experience in many important areas of CS activity: conferences, publications, and membership. I have worked with him for several years as a member of the Board of Governors and the Executive Committee.  He exhibits strong leadership skills — he listens, gathers data, seeks consensus, and then makes decisions and couples them with actions.  Leading by example, he inspires commitment, cooperation, and integrity in others. As a past Treasurer, he has a deep understanding of the CS and IEEE financial environment.  I strongly endorse his candidacy, and I can confidently say that his presidency would benefit both the Society and its membership.

Olaf Zimmermann – Member of Editorial Board, Dept. Editor, IEEE Software; Distinguished (Chief/Lead IT) Architect certified by The Open Group; Member of Advisory Board of Hillside Europe e.V.; Member of the Agile Alliance; Institute Partner at Fachhochschule Ostschweiz

I am delighted to endorse Forrest Shull’s candidacy as Computer Society President. I have known him since I was elected into the Advisory Board of IEEE Software in 2011, and our collaboration intensified when I took over the Insights column in 2014. As an IBM and ABB alumni based in central Europe, I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients and thousands of individuals around the globe in the last 25 years; Forrest is one of my most valuable all-time contacts and a true role model.

During his tenure, Forrest assembled an engaged set of volunteers for the IEEE Software Boards and was effective at creating active participation from across diverse geographic regions (e.g., Europe, as well as from Brazil, India, and Japan). He managed to get magazine content out through a variety of new channels such as the first digital edition, podcasts, and multimedia. His leadership style was cooperative and empathic, and at the same time also highly focused and results-oriented. I particularly appreciated the application of Agile practices such as retrospectives during board meetings, as well as his drive to achieve.  

Forrest ensured outstanding representation and results not just for IEEE Software. During his tenure, Software Expert Summit conferences were held in the UK and India, which helped bring the magazine content to new local communities.

Successful collaborations between industry and academia are not easy to accomplish these days, but invaluable. Forrest is one of the true bridge builders that we have. His presidency will be an opportunity to scale up past successes and help re-invigorate volunteers from both communities within the Society.

The world needs more Forrests. Support this one!

Grigori Melnik – Former Associate Editor-in-Chief and Member of the Advisory Board, IEEE Software; VP, Products, MongoDB

I’ve known Forrest for over a decade and for a good number of years we worked closely together as members of the Editorial Board of the IEEE Software magazine. As the Editor-in-Chief, Forrest managed a diverse group of volunteer computing professionals that included academics, industry and government practitioners, who all worked together to put out a high-quality magazine with relevant content. Additionally, Forrest took part in many special projects (special sections, events, etc.). One such example is his establishment of the Software Experts Summit featuring thought leaders from the magazine and the local host. This created additional ties with many local organizations throughout the world and raised the Computer Society’s visibility. As a group, the Software boards led the Society in terms of innovative approaches to content delivery, including the use of multimedia, digital editions of the magazine, and podcasts.

Throughout his service, Forrest maintained an open and collaborative working style where volunteers with all types of expertise and backgrounds felt included and that their contributions were valued. I acquired a lot of respect and admiration for Forrest’s generosity, intelligence, enthusiasm and dedication to the Society’s mission of advancing computing both in theory and practice and supporting our members in their learning and professional growth.

One of Forrest’s top priorities is more outreach to, and involvement from, industry. Being on the intersection of academia and industry, this resonates well with me and my colleagues.

I feel strongly about endorsing Forrest for the role of the Computer Society 2020 President-Elect.

George K. Thiruvathukal – Associate EIC of IEEE Computer; Past EIC of IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering Magazine; Magazine Operations Chair (2017, 2018); Professor of Computer Science at Loyola University Chicago and Visiting Faculty at Argonne National Laboratory

I’ve known Forrest for many years. We both have served on the Publications Board and as EICs of respected titles within the Computer Society.  Although we served on different titles, we both share a love of software engineering and bringing the methods of software engineering–traditional and emerging–to solve research and real-world problems.

Sometimes the problems in our discipline surface in real life, too, and Forrest has been there when we needed the skills of an applied software engineer. Process matters! During the recent financial challenges, we faced many tough decisions about the future of publications, especially the magazines that Forrest and I have known and loved for years. We were both part of an ad hoc committee to evaluate finances and help to ensure the future of our treasured magazines and transactions. Forrest played a key role in helping to define a process that would ensure fairness to all stakeholders (communities involved) and working to get an accurate picture of the financial situation we were facing. He is adept not only at handling of data but also the meaningful interpretation of data, which is crucial to making sound long-term decisions. Although we routinely train software engineers in process and empirical studies, we’re not always good at doing it in real life. Forrest was able to help us to keep the magazines and transactions viable and understand what decisions needed to be made (besides the easy choice of eliminating titles), including managing the costs of production, no matter how painful this may be in the short term. Today, the publications  are entering a more vibrant phase, and I am grateful that we had Forrest’s leadership. Our publications are worth preserving, and our ad hoc committee with Forrest leading our understanding of finances is a key reason we are on our way to better times.

Aside from Forrest’s great commitment to the Computer Society, Forrest is one of the most collegial and truly kind people I have met during my many years of volunteer service who, despite his accomplishments, rarely calls attention to himself. I know there are other highly worthy candidates who may also be reading this. I look forward to endorsing you in the future. I think Forrest has almost the ideal mix of academic and professional background that truly speaks to our entire membership and look forward to our continued work together. Long live the Computer Society!

Andre Oboler – IEEE Computer Society MGA Board 2016-2017 & 2018-2019; IEEE Global Public Policy Committee 2018-2019; Vice Chair IEEE Australia Council 2017-2018; Senior Lecture at La Trobe University and CEO of the Online Hate Prevention Institute

Beyond his highly visible technical roles that others have mentioned, Forrest has also worked on the hard problem of supporting our chapters, members, and the local volunteers who are the often-invisible strength of this great organisation. As Chair of the Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board he led the committee that oversees our chapter, student awards, distinguished visitor program and our activities to both recruit and retain members.

Like many before him, Forrest came to the role without prior engagement with MGA Board. He took the time to consult the existing members and to find out what worked and where improvements could be made. He pushed MGA Board to develop strategies aligned to the Board of Governors’ objectives and reported our plans, goals and progress to them while keeping us engaged every step of the way.  He set in place not only strategies for the quick wins, but also longer-term planning that are still progressing today.

Forrest is a strategic thinker, a leader who knows how to support his team, someone willing to tackle the hard problems, someone who knows and values our members and our volunteers whether in global technical leadership role or serving on the local chapter’s committee. His excellent leadership skills will keep us stronger while his breadth of experience across the many facets of the Society will keep us cohesive and effective as we face the challenges of tomorrow. For these reasons, I endorse Forrest Shull for the position of IEEE Computer Society President.

Vladimir Getov – IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors (2016-2018); IEEE Computer area editor for High-Performance Computing (since 2008); Program Chair (2009) and General Chair (2019), IEEE COMPSAC; Professor of Distributed and High-Performance Computing, University of Westminster – London

Forrest and I have known each other since 2015. During that time, we have served together as members of the Board of Governors (BoG) of the IEEE Computer Society on several committees and initiatives. Throughout this time, I had the chance to appreciate his great management capabilities, his honesty and wisdom for finding out-of-the-box solutions for complicated problems such as our portfolio review process and recommendations. I enthusiastically endorse Forrest for the position of IEEE Computer Society President. Forrest exhibits so many qualities of an ideal candidate that it is difficult to concisely summarize them. His long list of accomplishments illustrates his leadership abilities, his tireless work ethic, and his tenacity. His willingness to listen to others and his recognition that working as a team rather than a group of individuals results in better, more timely solutions. Lastly, he is one of the biggest IEEE Computer Society fans that I have ever met; but rather than dwell on past successes, he wants to lead the IEEE Computer Society to even greater heights. If elected as IEEE Computer Society President, I know Forrest will accomplish this.

Paul Nielsen – IEEE Fellow; Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA); Fellow of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE); Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute

I support Dr. Forrest Shull for President of the Computer Society.

In the time that Forrest has been with us at Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute, I have seen him move up into positions of greater responsibility within the Computer Society: From Editor-in-Chief of one of our flagship publications, to the Board of Governors, to the Executive Committee, to 1st Vice President. This speaks to his constructive contributions to the governance of the Society, and his ability to work with other leaders from across a wide variety of backgrounds. It has also given him the experience necessary to tackle the responsibilities of being president at an important time for the Society.

At SEI, we rely on Forrest and his contacts across different communities to help connect us to important expertise in many different areas. As his endorsements show, he is well thought of and connected to important thought leaders across academia, government, and industry. Forrest has also been a valuable and constructive member of the leadership team in our Software Solutions Division. He has the temperament and skills to work together with other leaders, get things done, and encourage others to do the same. The Computer Society will benefit from those same connections and his interest and ability in building bridges to important communities.

As an IEEE Fellow, as well as the CEO of an R&D institute with a critical mission, I know the importance of the Computer Society in today’s world, and the indispensable role that it plays. There is no one I would trust more to take this leadership position and continue strengthening the health and vitality of this institution. I urge you to vote with me for Forrest as 2020 President-elect.

Ramalatha Marimuthu – IEEE Senior Member; IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors (2019-2021); Chair, IEEE-HKN Awards Committee; Chair, IEEE Women in Engineering Committee (2011-2012); Professor, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Anna University, India

The Computer Society is a dynamic society and we need a dynamic leader to lead the society to the great heights it deserves. It is true that all dynamic technology streams undergo a constant change but right now with the advent of computers in almost all applications worldwide, it is especially significant. As a member of Board of Governors, I have observed Forrest during the meetings and it is my great belief that he fits the role of future Computer Society President.   He has been serving in the key areas of the operations during his tenure on the Computer Society Board and he has made his mark in most of them – conferences, publications, membership. His contributions have made such a high impact on the executive committee that the result was his being elected to the 1st Vice President. What is more, he has a clear idea of the future direction the Computer Society needs to move – including more collaborative technology development efforts between academia and industry – and he also has the road map for effecting the move in the required direction. With his vast experience, clear vision and dynamism, I have no doubt that Forrest will make the excellent leader that the Computer Society needs.

Ipek Ozkaya – Editor in Chief, IEEE Software; Principal member of the Technical Staff, Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute

I have known Forrest as a colleague since 2008 and had the opportunity to work closely with him when he was the IEEE Software Magazine Editor-in-Chief (2011-2014). Forrest, during his tenure, launched countless successful initiatives that not only served the magazine, but the software engineering community and the Computer Society at large. Establishing the IEEE Software practitioner awards at conferences, bringing the SE Radio podcast under the IEEE umbrella, organizing very successful Software Expert Summits globally (India and the UK to name a few) are only a few of the examples of his service to IEEE, the Computer Society and to the software engineering community during his tenure. 

Forrest is a leader in computer science, in particular in the area of empirical software engineering. He has led applied research projects for the US Department of Defense, NASA’s Office of Safety and Mission Assurance, DARPA, NSF, and commercial companies during his impressive career. He has published his results extensively and has contributed to the advancement of data-driven software engineering. He is using the results of this work recently to influence policies to improve how software is developed and sustained.  A few highlights of his contributions to the research community include being an active member of the IEEE International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement and starting a very successful column in IEEE Software called Voice of Evidence.

His other service contributions to IEEE and Computer Society are countless. He has served in leadership roles on IEEE conferences including the International Conference on Software Engineering, the International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement, and the Software Technology Conference. He has served on countless program committees and chaired many. He is currently a member of the Computer Society Executive Committee and the Board of Governors. He also served as the IEEE Computer Society Secretary, Finance Chair of the Publications Board, Co-chair of the Portfolio Review Committee, and Chair of the Ad-hoc Committee on the Digital User Experience.

In addition to his remarkable contributions of service, Forrest is always there to be a sounding board and a great mentor. He sees through innovative ideas, which IEEE and the Computer Society have already benefited from in many ways. Most importantly, he brings researchers and practitioners together, uniting them working towards common goals demonstrated by his tenure in his previous activities. It is with no hesitation I strongly endorse Forrest to become the 2020 President-Elect of the IEEE Computer Society.

Diomidis Spinellis – Past Editor in Chief, IEEE Software; Past Editorial Board member, IEEE Software; Member, IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors (2013-2015); Author; Professor in the Department of Management Science and Technology at the Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

I firmly believe that Forrest Shull has the skills, determination, stamina, and knowledge to become an excellent IEEE Computer Society president.  I first had the privilege of working with Forrest when I was an Editorial Board member of the IEEE Software magazine and he the magazine’s Editor in Chief.  Later we served together as members of the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors and in the Magazine Operations Committee.  He excelled in all positions through his dedication, attention to detail, and superb management skills.  In the bodies we served we often faced tricky problems that were, apparently, intractable with the means we had at our disposal.  This is something that happens often in large organizations, such as the Computer Society and the IEEE. I always admired how Forrest could take a broader view of the situation and find ways to address such issues in a holistic and admirably effective fashion.  I learned from him that attacking a complex problem heads-on isn’t always the best strategy, and that coming up with constructive ways to engage with all stakeholders is more important than winning an argument.  Given the challenges it faces, the IEEE Computer Society will benefit considerably with Forrest at its helm.

Rick Kazman – Chair of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Council on Software Engineering; Technical Activities Committee Chair; Professor of Information Technology Management, Mānoa Shidler College of Business, University of Hawai‘i

I have known Forrest Shull for over a decade, both of us having been long-time volunteers with the Computer Society.  During this time I have seen that Forrest gives nothing but the best in any endeavor to which he applies himself.  He is deeply concerned with the state and health of the Computer Society and the profession, and has devoted himself tirelessly to its betterment.

Given Forrest’s broad experience base, I cannot think of a better person to lead the Computer Society. He has deep experience in conferences, in publications, and in working with industry and we need to continue and build on our successes and grow in all three areas. 

I am confident that he will be a great leader. He has my strong endorsement.

Greg Shannon – IEEE Senior Member; Past lead of the IEEE Cybersecurity Initiative; Chief Scientist for the CERT® Division at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute

I endorse Forrest Shull as the next President-elect of the IEEE Computer Society. I’ve known Forrest for five years, both in my role as Chief Scientist of CERT at Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute and also through my volunteer role at the IEEE level. My work for IEEE has focused on collaborative efforts on critical technologies; in 2014-2015 I led the IEEE Cybersecurity Initiative, an initiative that was launched jointly by the Computer Society and the IEEE Future Directions Committee.

I value working with Forrest regarding his own research, but also on the vision he has for ensuring the Computer Society stays focused on important emerging technologies, and making sure that those new technologies find a supporting home in the Society. I share his view that the Society has a unique and important role to play in supporting the community of researchers as they work to develop new technologies, and also in helping transition such technologies into practical industrial use at scale as they mature. I also appreciate the work Forrest has done at IEEE Software in terms of embracing new publishing technologies as a way to more effectively connect with computing professionals whose jobs are being and will be impacted by these new developments in our very dynamic profession.

On a personal level, I enjoy working with Forrest – He has a thoughtful, pragmatic, “can do” approach, and uses humor as a way to make discussions open and constructive. I look forward very much to continued collaborations with him that span IEEE and the Computer Society. He is an excellent choice for President-elect.

Ramesh Nair – IEEE-USA Board of Directors; Chair, IEEE Region 6 Young Professionals; Past Vice Chair, Global IEEE Young Professionals Committee; Past Vice Chair, IEEE Computer Society MGA Board; Sr Design Automation Engineer at Intel

I have known and worked with Forrest during his term as the VP of Member & Geographic Activity Board (MGAB) within the computer Society when I was the Vice Chair of the IEEE CS Young Professionals program. I have seen Forrest to be fully committed, vision driven and results oriented. He is a great supporter of the Young Professionals program and encourages and supports younger engineers and volunteers to take up various leadership roles within the Society. 

Forrest’s position statement includes making CS and IEEE more industry-relevant, supporting more local chapter activities, and expanding CS as the home for early career development for young professionals. These are clearly the action items CS and IEEE should take to make IEEE more relevant for the 21st century and appealing to the younger generation. I strongly endorse and support Forrest Shull as the next President of IEEE Computer Society. 

Girish SuryanarayanaIEEE Software Advisory Board member; Portfolio Manager and Senior Key Expert at Siemens (Bengaluru)

I first met Forrest Shull in 2013 at the IEEE Software Board meeting in Seattle. I had just joined the Advisory Board and he was the the Editor-in-chief of IEEE Software. My first impression of Forrest which has remained to date was his down-to-earth nature which allowed everyone to easily approach him and discuss ideas, and his solid technical background in the area of empirical software engineering. In the years since then, I found him always very open minded about new directions and ideas. In particular, he was very keen to increase the scope and readership of IEEE Software in India and in 2013, he actively encouraged and supported me in organizing the Software Experts Summit in Bangalore in 2014. More than 250 people attended the conference and a big factor in the success of the summit was Forrest’s constant involvement in all aspects even though he was located half-way across the world from Bangalore! Forrest was keenly aware of the IT interests of the vibrant young Indian population we wanted to target with SES and not only helped me find the appropriate thought leaders to speak at the summit, but also helped frame the contents of the various sessions. He also attended the SES summit and through his presence and talk helped broaden the awareness of IEEE Software in Bangalore and India at large.

At Board meetings, I observed him talk about pushing the boundaries and reach of IEEE Software in tune with the new wave of technologies and the aspirations of people. As the Editor in Chief, Forrest recognized that the collaboration between industry and academia within the ambit of IEEE Software had gaps and took significant steps to create bridges where none existed and strengthen collaborations that had become weak or stagnant. Under his leadership, there have been several new initiatives at IEEE Software. For instance, he took steps to promote awareness in countries like India and China, and introduced various channels such as the digital edition and the podcasts to make IEEE Software and the knowledge of experts more easily accessible. I believe his rich experience, open-mindedness, thought leadership, humility, politeness and most importantly his attitude to selflessly serve the organization he represents marks him as an extremely suitable person to head the IEEE Computer Society.

Laurie Williams – IEEE Fellow; ACM Distinguished Scientist; Steering Committee Chair, International Conference on Software Engineering (2019-2021); Program Co-Chair, ICSE 2016; Associate Editor, IEEE Software; Co-Director, NSA Science of Security Lablet; Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Chair of Computer Science (past) at North Carolina State University

I am delighted to endorse Dr. Forrest Shull’s candidacy as Computer Society President. I have known for Dr. Shull for almost 20 years. Based upon all these years of experience with him, I cannot think of a better candidate.  The society has industry, academia, and government stakeholders throughout the world – and Forrest has many years of direct international experience with all of these groups during his positions at Fraunhofer (with ties to the University of Maryland) and the Software Engineering Institute (situated in Carnegie Mellon University). 

As an early researcher in agile software development and in software security, I see a need for strong ties between research and industry and government practitioners.  As an associate editor for IEEE Software, I saw Forrest compose the editorial and advisory boards to reflect all these stakeholders, which led to bridge building, to enabling researchers to understand the practical problems faced by practitioners, and to increasing the impact of research to the benefit of practitioners. 

Beyond his professional and technical experience, Forrest exudes leadership and collaboration through his approachable and friendly demeanor.  He is dedicated to the success of each individual and of the IEEE Computer Society. 

Marian Petre – Associate Editor, IEEE Software; Professor of Computing, The Open University, UK

Forrest Shull is simply one of the finest leaders and collaborators I’ve worked with in 30 years – someone genuine who inspires and engages. He combines sharp technical knowledge (and an outstanding research reputation) with a humble and wonderfully collaborative style;  he engages with both challenges and ideas fearlessly, he values outcomes over process, and he understands how to innovate.  As a consequence, he helps good things to happen – and helps the people who work with him to get things done.  

As Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Software, he attracted volunteers from all over the world, and found ways for them to contribute. I first worked with him on a special issue of IEEE  Software while he was Editor-in-Chief – and he soon became a leadership role model for me.  He not only facilitated the special issue, but helped us make it more ambitious and effective through straightforward suggestions and introductions.  

While Editor-in-Chief of IEEE  Software he launched many successful initiatives – from Software Expert Summits in both the UK and India, to bringing SE Radio into IEEE, to awards and outreach that connected practitioners and academics.  He is also a fine strategist, recognising opportunity in challenge. This is a skill set the community needs more than ever – we need more and stronger industry / academia collaborations.   

I endorse Forrest Shull whole-heartedly as the next President-elect of the IEEE Computer Society. 

Ayşe BaşarIEEE Software Advisory Board Member; IEEE Senior Member; Professor, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

I strongly and without reservation endorse Dr. Forrest Shull for the position of President-elect at the IEEE Computer Society (CS). I have known Forrest for more than 15 years as an esteemed scholar in the empirical software engineering research community. I had an opportunity to work with him on different occasions. We worked together on the board of IEEE Software and then when he led the magazine as the editor in chief, I continued working with him as an advisory board member. Under his leadership the magazine had its best performance. Forrest always impressed me with his deep knowledge of the field, his interest, enthusiasm, positive attitude and kindness. We both have been members of ISERN and we regularly interact on research matters and he always brings a different perspective to our discussions. Forrest takes his work very seriously. He understands the field very well. He has served within the Computer Society in different positions such as EIC of IEEE SW, associate editor of TSE, in the publications board, Board of Governors, etc., so that he understands the IEEE organizational dynamics as well as work flows very well. He is a well respected member of the community and would be excellent for the position.

Jon Rosdahl – IEEE Computer Society VP Standards (2017-2018); 9 years of service on IEEE-SA Standards board or subcommittees; Engineer, Senior Staff, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

While serving as the Computer Society Vice President, Standards Activities (2017-2018), I observed Forrest in action as an officer of the Computer Society.  He took his responsibilities seriously, and found ways to improve the Computer Society.  He instituted and coordinated a process to implement a review cycle for all the Computer Society’s products (Publications, Conferences, Standards), to ensure the Computer Society was getting good value from the resources being allocated to the individual products.  That is just one example of Forrest being a leader.  He saw a way to improve his area of responsibility and then led out implementing changes that made a difference.   The Computer Society is in need of someone with strong leadership skills who is willing to act.  I believe that Forrest is one who can act in a way that will benefit the Computer Society.

I will be voting for Forrest for Computer Society President.  I encourage you to do the same.

San Murugesan – Former Editor in Chief of IEEE IT Professional; Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing; Former Associate Editor of IEEE Computer; IEEE CS Golden Core Member; Director of BRITE Professional Services, Sydney; Adjunct professor at Western Sydney University, Australia

I’m pleased to strongly endorse Dr. Forrest Shull for IEEE Computer Society President.

Forrest and I met through our roles in IEEE Computer Society publications, when we both were Editors in Chief of magazines in our portfolio. I welcome that Forrest has identified two areas that we worked on in those roles as his important priorities as CS President: increasing industry engagement, and doing a better job of making sure the Society’s valuable publications’ content reach a wider audience. These are not easy goals to achieve, but we both put an emphasis on broadening the appeal of our magazines by running events aimed at practitioners, and increasing the relevance of content for all audiences. I always appreciated the novel ideas, support and encouragement that Forrest offered as we worked hard on keeping our magazines vital.

Our Society is now at a critical juncture. Continued health and vitality of the Society requires continual innovation and experimentation: to develop new offerings and approaches that aim to be relevant for our members with diverse profiles and interests and to our technical communities; to apply them energetically; and then to understand whether the results are providing benefits for our publication titles and for the Society at large.

Forrest is well-equipped to bring the energy, the respect for different opinions and the creativity needed to serve as president of our society. He is also well-placed to provide the leadership to steer the society at this critical stage to greater heights offering value to you as its member and to the computing professional community.

I wholeheartedly support Forrest’s candidacy, and I hope you will as well.

Rafael Prikladnicki – Chair of the IEEE Software Advisory Board; General Chair, 2012 IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering; Associate Professor, PUCRS, Brazil; Director of Tecnopuc (PUCRS’ science and technology park)

I have known Forrest for over 10 years now. I first met him in 2008 at the flagship IEEE/ACM International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) and since then we collaborated in joint research, including a few publications together. In 2012 I had the opportunity to chair the IEEE International Conference on Global Software Engineering at my home town of Porto Alegre, Brazil, and invited Forrest to be one of the keynote speakers. His talk was evaluated as one of the best of that conference. One year later, Forrest invited me to join the IEEE Software Magazine advisory board, representing South America. He was EiC at that time and I learned a lot during that period interacting with him. 

I’m still involved with the magazine as the chair of the Advisory Board (AB), and I can certainly say that one of the inspirations Forrest brought to the board was the need to be an international network of people collaborating for the magazine’s success. Several interesting ideas and discussions came from such diverse and international team. Forrest was also instrumental on several other initiatives such as the Software Expert Summits where AB members have participated as speakers and spread the word about IEEE Software. I was also part of an international team that Forrest put together in order to guest edit a special issue about the future of Software Engineering. 

Another great achievement of Forrest was the balance he always tried to bring to the board including members from industry and academia. As the director of Tecnopuc, a Science and Technology Park located at the PUCRS University campus in Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil, with more than 170 organizations and 7,100 people, I have a very good understanding of the need for a closer connection between research and practice for Software Engineering. I heartily endorse the priority that Forrest articulated of building better industry connections for the Society.

Based on all the experiences that I had with him, I can say that Forrest has a great leadership style, and is well connected to the challenges of our century. I always felt empowered to bring my ideas to the table. He was always very open and collaborative, leading teams with autonomy and great alignment.  

For these reasons I strongly endorse Forrest Shull as the next President-elect of the IEEE Computer Society.

Gargi Keeni – Founding member, IEEE Computer Society Industry Advisory Board; Member, IEEE Software advisory board; Member, Computer Society Board of Governors (2012-2014); VP (retired) of Tata Consultancy Services

Forrest is a long-standing friend since our days as members of the  advisory board of IEEE Software magazine. Whether it is launching the digital edition of the magazine or creation of the annual Software Experts Summit, which promotes collaboration with local software industry in cities worldwide, Forrest is capable of coming up with practical ways to address the fundamental needs of the society – inclusivity, engagement and transformation.

Forrest believes in team work which not only requires human networking across the geographies, but also involvement of all the stakeholder communities, e.g industry, academia and students. His down-to-earth thinking makes him approachable.  

I firmly believe that Forrest’s wide ranging experience with various IEEE entities, juxtaposed with his measurement and knowledge management skills, are the right enablers of the day to achieve the IEEE computer society’s Vision and Goal.

Jane Cleland-Huang – Past Associate Editor in Chief, IEEE TSE; Past Editorial Board member, IEEE Software; Program co-Chair, 2020 International Conference on Software Engineering; Director of the Software and Requirements Engineering Research Group, Director of Graduate Studies, and Professor of Software Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Notre Dame

I unequivocally endorse Forrest Shull as the next president of the IEEE Computer Society.

During Forrest’s tenure as Editor in Chief for IEEE Software, I served as an Associate Editor and Requirements Engineering columnist.  During this time I had the opportunity to work closely with Forrest and as a result can vouch for his outstanding and visionary leadership skills and am confident that he will make an excellent president of our society.

Forrest successfully expanded the IEEE Software board to recruit and engage new board members from many different countries including Brazil, India, Japan, and China.  He was also influential in organizing Software Expert Summits in both the UK and India.  This activity brought new levels of international collaboration to IEEE Software.   As a result of these experiences, Forrest is well positioned to lead the IEEE Computer Society into a new era of inclusive and expanding international collaborations. 

Forrest’s stellar research record and his long-time experience working at the intersection of academia and industry also make him the ideal person to strengthen academic-industry partnerships within our society.

In addition, Forrest has a knack for recruiting and inspiring people in the community .  He’s a collegial leader who draws people in — making everyone feel welcome.  His organizational skills are outstanding.  All in all – Forrest would make an excellent president for the IEEE Computer Society and I plan to vote for him as soon as the polls are opened!

Adam Welc – Associate Editor, IEEE Software; Senior Software Engineer, Uber

I had the pleasure of working with Forrest on the editorial board of the IEEE Software magazine, at the time when he was the Editor-in-Chief and I was one of the Associate Editors. I was really impressed by his dedication to making IEEE Software magazine the best software engineering publication out there and the amount of effort he was putting into his role, particularly since all work on the editorial board was performed purely on a volunteer basis. During his tenure as the Editor-in-Chief he worked really hard to reach out to different communities, both in terms of trying to bridge the gap between industry and academia, and also to reach out to international audiences and contributors. I have also very much admired his organizational skills – I really felt like IEEE Software magazine’s editorial board worked like a well oiled machine under his guidance and supervision. In my opinion Forrest will be a great IEEE Computer Society President and I strongly support his candidacy for this position.

John Favaro – Associate Editor, IEEE Software; Senior consultant at Intecs (automotive functional safety and security)

I worked closely with Forrest over his entire tenure as IEEE Software Editor in Chief, in my capacity as Associate Editor in the software management department. He was always a pleasant and accommodating person to work with – certainly an important quality for somebody who must work with a very large and diverse set of personalities – but his real capacity for leadership became evident to me during the several times that I had to manage special issues of the magazine on relatively new and ill-defined topics. Every time that the responsible group was in danger of not being able to converge on a common vision for the theme of the issue, we knew we could turn to Forrest for strong, clear guidance. This was because he had a clear vision in his own mind for what he wanted the magazine to be and what it should represent. I personally interacted with him several times for difficult decisions on submitted papers in my department, and this clear vision of what the magazine had to convey to its constituency always came through. Over the years that we worked together, I gradually came to the conclusion that Forrest simply doesn’t sign up for something unless he knows that he has a vision for what it should become. Once he does sign up, he can be counted on to follow through, always, both for the people he is working with and the constituency he is working for. This is the kind of leader that made IEEE Software thrive during his tenure, and it is certainly the kind of leader that will make the Computer Society achieve its best results.

Frances Paulisch – Chair of the IEEE Software Advisory Board (2007-2011); Head of the Software Initiative at Siemens Healthineers

I wholeheartedly endorse Forrest Shull for IEEE Computer Society President.  I have worked together with Forrest on the IEEE Software Board, especially regarding the connection to industrial practitioners.  As the head of the Software Initiative at Siemens and Siemens Healthineers I have a very good understanding of the need for a closer connection between research and industrial practice for modern software engineering. I have experienced first-hand that Forrest is extremely committed to this topic and has innovative ways to reach industrial practitioners.  Especially with the growing pace-of-change it is increasingly important for practitioners to stay up-to-date with the latest proven trends – also here Forrest’s background in empirical studies is of great value. Finally, his leadership skills and personality as well as the respect and collegiality he brings to the table make it a real pleasure for volunteers and others to work with him.  All of these aspects make it clear to me that Forrest would be an excellent IEEE Computer Society President and I encourage that you select him as your next President.

Jan Bosch – IEEE Software Advisory Board member; Director, Software Center at Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg

I am writing to endorse Dr. Forrest Shull for the Computer Society 2020 president-elect. I am pleased to have worked with Forrest during his tenure as EIC of IEEE Software in my role as advisory board member of IEEE Software. As someone who has gone back and forth between industry and academia over the course of my career, I am well aware of the synergies between the two, and the powerful impact that is possible when industry and academia work together in a positive way. I share the priority that Forrest expressed in his position statement, namely, that the Computer Society would benefit from better outreach to, and engagement from, industry.

I am sure that Forrest is the right person to lead this charge. The editorial and advisory boards that he maintained during his time as EIC were exemplars in this regard. The role of the magazine is to be the bridge between research and industry, and Forrest not only recruited leading lights from both communities, but kept them energized and engaged. The working experience on the magazine then was not only productive but enriching. It also allowed us the ability to try a lot of new ideas, which led to better engagement with both readers and authors – producing quality content that reached more people.

I am sure that Forrest will create the same type of synergies in the Society at large, and I look forward to seeing the new approaches that result that will allow us better connection to consumers of our content. I strongly endorse Forrest for president.

Maurizio Morisio – Associate Editor, IEEE Software; Professor and Software Engineering Group leader, Department of Control and Computer Engineering, Polytechnic University of Turin

Dr. Forrest Shull would be a great IEEE Computer Society President.

I have known Forrest since more than 20 years ago, when we were both working at the University of Maryland in the Experimental Software Engineering group. Forrest was one of the brightest people I met at the time; working with him was always a pleasure and a source of inspiration. In fact today Forrest is one of the recognized leaders in the empirical software engineering field. (According to Google Scholar, over 8,000 citations, h-factor of 45, Associate Editor of EMSE, Associate Editor of TSE.)

His qualities on the technical, human, and managerial sides became appreciated by more and more people all over the world, as he covered prestigious roles, inside and outside of the IEEE.

I worked with him again when he was appointed EIC of IEEE Software. As EIC Forrest showed great capacity in managing effectively a diverse group of volunteers that included academics, industry / government practitioners, and consultants. With his calm and smiling leading style he was able to motivate and coordinate all members of the magazine, putting together high quality content, on time.

Forrest is also an innovator. As EIC he introduced many new sections, events, initiatives, reaching out to involve the best talents from academy and industry, all in a relentless effort to push the magazine both in quality and diffusion.

In short Forrest has the technical background, the managerial experience and the human touch to be a great president.

John Grundy – Fellow of Automated Software Engineering; Fellow of Engineers Australia; Associate Editor in Chief, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering; Associate Editor, IEEE Software; General Chair, 2020 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering;  Senior Deputy Dean & Professor of Software Engineering, Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

I endorse Dr Forrest Shull for IEEE Computer Society president. I worked closely with Forrest during his time as IEEE Software Editor in Chief, as an Associate Editor.  I was very impressed with a number of Forrest’s innovations for the magazine, which I think illustrate well in the small what he is looking to do in the large for the IEEE CS. These included substantially increasing connectivity to IEEE Software’s target audience, the software practitioner, while maintaining its reputation for high quality peer reviewed and assessed materials. Forrest worked very hard to diversify the IEEE Software board, substantially increasing representation from around the world, from industry, and having very active board member participation in decision making and directions. Forrest ran teleconferences, annual planning meetings, Expert Summits, and periodic Board meetings at various locations to ensure a range of views, ideas, and approaches were continually sought and acted upon to enhance the magazine. A range of innovations for sourcing and disseminating the magazine content were initiated under Forrest’s direction, not limited to the digital edition, a range of podcasts, use of multimedia, and so on. The outcome was a substantial readership increase, substantially greater take up by practitioners of IEEE Software content, a much more innovative, interactive and accessible range of content, and a very active board that has been continued by subsequent Editors. Throughout this journey Forrest showed himself to be an excellent leader, organiser, delegator, well-connected with both industry and academia, and visionary in new approaches to try. I believe he would bring these qualities to the Computer Society presidency and he will make an excellent CS president.

Annie CombellesIEEE Software Editorial and Advisory board member; Founder & President of inspearit

I have been fortunate to work with Forrest on both the Editorial and Advisory Boards of IEEE Software Magazine. Forrest was a very energetic EIC, with a lot of good initiatives to improve the contents of the magazine and the readership. He has the leadership to get a highly committed team around him and to leverage the collective intelligence of it. In all of our interactions, Forrest was insightful, hard-working, and dedicated to helping the Society improve.

In addition, his deep software engineering knowledge and experience led to very appealing special issues for the magazine during his tenure, on important technical topics, which resulted in a high growth in the number of readers all around the world. A dedicated volunteer indeed!

Linda Rising – Prior department editor for IEEE Software; Speaker, author, consultant

Celebrating my 77th birthday this year led me to reflect on my long career. I have had many highlights but certainly, one of the most memorable, positive, and energizing times was my tenure on the IEEE Software board with Forrest. I have to say those were great years. It makes me smile to remember them. Not only did I learn a lot about how IEEE operates, I was privileged to see it at its best. Under Forrest’s capable leadership, those of us on that board demonstrated the best in collaboration, innovation, and effectiveness.

Forrest was able to bring out the best in everyone—what an astounding thing to say about any leader these days. To move beyond disagreement to productive consensus should be the watchword for everyone in a position of responsibility. I am so glad to see Forrest continue striving to not only help one of the best professional organizations around, but to lend his collaborative skills to enable our profession to do even greater things.

Christof EbertIEEE Software Editorial Board; IEEE Distinguished Visitor; Managing Director, Vector Consulting Service; Professor at University of Stuttgart and Sorbonne in Paris

As Managing Director of a software consulting firm, I support clients around the world in improving their products and in managing organizational changes. I know how quickly things move in our field, and how important it is for professionals in any branch of the field to keep up. Standing still means obsolescence.

For many years, I have known and appreciated Forrest Shull from professional and research activities. We have been engaged in making software measurement a professional practice and a key tool for practitioners. Our focus on technical debt helped companies to improve their legacy code and to better manage projects and products – while keeping a close eye on economic constraints. In the context of such collaborations I have found Forrest to be a committed engineer and manager, who not only drives technical excellence but also is focused on how to make a successful business – both key demands for the IEEE Computer Society to improve its positioning.

Forrest thinks and acts in a truly international manner, which for the Computer Society is a key need. Our Society is the leading global society for both academics and industry people. Forrest will ensure with his international background, from both his job and previous IEEE CS engagements, that the Society further broadens its global reach and reputation.

During Forrest’s time as EIC of IEEE Software I was a member of the Editorial Board. He managed the magazine to accomplish its mandate of “bridging research and practice” and provide timely information on important topics. We created a product that was an excellent resource for professionals looking to keep their technical knowledge up to date. Forrest surrounded himself with great people, collaborating with all of us in a way that kept the magazine moving forward, and focused us all on relevance and quality content. The boards were composed of dedicated volunteers from a variety of domains, from all around the world, and Forrest made a point of balancing the team with both young professionals and senior experts. It is a great challenge to manage this IEEE flagship journal with an international volunteer team and deliver excellent content on a bimonthly basis. Forrest kept a high level of energy and commitment throughout while inspiring the boards to do the same.

Forrest has the technical background to keep the community focused on topics that matter, and the leadership skills to work with volunteers and get the work done. He is able to keep focus and deliver on what our members and other computing professional need. He is an excellent choice for Computer Society president, and I support his candidacy without hesitation.

Dejan Milojicic – IEEE Fellow; IEEE Computer Society President 2014; IEEE Board 2017-2018; Senior researcher and managing director, HP Labs

I have known Forrest for about 10 years ever since he was EiC of IEEE Software and then while we were both on the IEEE CS BoG. Forrest has introduced innovative approaches to delivering IEEE Software content, through online presence (digital downloads, SE Radio podcasts, etc.). As a treasurer of IEEE CS BoG and finance chair of Pubs board, Forrest helped CS in some of the toughest times. He is very personable and easy to work with.

Forrest is qualified and ready to be a president. I wish him a good luck in these elections.

Elizabeth (Liz) Burd – 2019-20 Member, IEEE Board of Directors; 2014-15 Computer Society 1st VP; 2013-15 Computer Society VP for Membership and Geographic Activities; 2009-12 Computer Society VP for the Educational Activities Board; Professor and Pro Vice-Chancellor at the University of Newcastle, Australia

Forrest is a great strategic leader who can deliver a sustainable and exciting future for the Computer Society.

Michiel van Genuchten – Editorial Board member, IEEE Software; Senior director, Philips VitalHealth

Forrest became the editor in chief of IEEE Software around the time we started the “Impact” columns. Our goal was (and 10 years on, still is) to have experienced engineers and managers describe the Impact of software on their industry. Forrest has been a big supporter of the initiative, despite the fact that experienced managers and engineers may not be the authors who always deliver their content on time; the reason is, they have a business to run! But the value of having real managers and engineers providing content to IEEE Software was something that Forrest understood right away, and he helped us to bring the two worlds together and make it happen. By now  45 columns by practitioners have been published. Another great initiative by Forrest at the time were the ‘Software experts meetings’ where members of the editorial boards would present to an audience of hundreds of people in places like Bangalore and London. Board members would bend their schedule to be there, because Forrest asked us, because it was fun to do, and because it is important to meet the readership of a journal like IEEE Software in the digital era.  My experience with Forrest is very consistent with what I read in the candidacy position statement: “What you see is what you get.” And increasing industry engagement is something I would be happy to support, having been in industry for decades. I am sure he would be a great Computer Society President and he has my full support.

Uwe Zdun – Associate Editor, IEEE Software; Full Professor and Head of Software Architecture Research Group, University of Vienna

Forrest Shull is a widely known technical leader in Software Engineering, in particular in the area of empirical software engineering, and has taken various active volunteer roles in shaping the IEEE Computer Society. He has published his results extensively and has made major contributions to evidence-based software engineering.

The IEEE Computer Society is in a period of major changes and thus requires leadership with a full understanding of its major activities including conferences, publications, standards, training, and education. I know Forrest as a colleague in Software Engineering and from our joint work on IEEE Software, where he was Editor-in-Chief and I was Associate Editor-in-Chief for Design/Architecture. He has shown excellent leadership skills in guiding the magazine during his term, which included managing teams of volunteers and staff. He launched many successful initiatives during his tenure, such as establishing special events like the IEEE Software Experts Summits, which we held in cities around the world, and the integration of the SE Radio podcast under the IEEE Software brand. These activities maintained the magazine as one of the most impactful Computer Society titles and improved the downloads of our content. He continuously fostered the interaction of academics and practitioners, and has an excellent understanding of both worlds. I was impressed by his open and collaborative working style, as well as his broad experience and technical expertise.

I see him as an ideal candidate to lead the IEEE Computer Society, and thus fully endorse Forrest’s candidature for Computer Society President-Elect.

Evelyn TianIEEE Software Advisory Board member; Educator, Coach, Conference Speaker; Founder, Evelyn Konsult AB

I am endorsing Dr. Forrest Shull for Computer Society president. I worked with Forrest on IEEE Software, when I joined the boards, partly to help with outreach around the world. What I found when I joined was a very geographically distributed team, with members from all of the IEEE regions working together on a common product. We had participants from around the world representing software experience and interests in the US, Canada, Europe, Brazil, India, Japan, and China, to name just a few. Despite the geographic distances, under Forrest’s leadership this was a productive, cohesive, and even fun group. We planned together to take the Software Expert Summit events to locations around the world, working in collaboration with local hosts and bringing members of our magazine community to discuss the topics that resonated with the local software community. This was one of the strategic examples under Forrest’s leadership that helps connect academia and industry.

Forrest was always very concerned about making sure the magazine content was reaching as wide an audience as possible, and kept going an initiative to translate info about the articles in each issue into Japanese, while starting new initiatives to experiment with other languages as well. 

I share these experiences since I believe they are indicative of the welcoming, energetic, and collaborative leadership that Forrest can bring to the larger Society. I endorse him whole-heartedly and hope you will as well.

Jeff CarverIEEE Software Editorial Board and Department Editor; Professor, University of Alabama

I have known Forrest since my first year of graduate school. He was the senior PhD student in the lab when I started. I really appreciated his wisdom and kindness even from the start. Since then I’ve worked with him in a number of capacities and consider him to be a friend. Forrest is highly qualified, competent, and very conscientious. I’ve always known him to do high-quality work in whatever activity he engages. I think Forrest would make an outstanding President of the IEEE Computer Society.

Davide Falessi – Associate Editor of IEEE Software; Associate Professor at the California Polytechnic State University

I hereby endorse Forrest Shull for President of the IEEE Computer Society.

I am an IEEE Senior Member and an associate editor of IEEE Software. I was the 2017 IEEE Computer Society Integrity Chair and a member at large of the IEEE Computer Society Publications Board from 2016 to 2018. While performing these roles with the Computer Society I had the pleasure to collaborate with Forrest on different initiatives such as IEEE Software magazine and the Computer Society portfolio review.

Regarding IEEE Software, Forrest, as EiC, started several new initiatives to get content out through new channels. For example, he started a new multimedia channel for interviews with special issue editors, and integrated the SE Radio podcast. Both initiatives have been very successful.

I believe Forrest is a strong candidate for the President of the IEEE Computer Society due to the following reasons:

1. He was able to recruit for IEEE Software magazine top-notch professionals from a wide spectrum of backgrounds.
2. He was able to maintain an open and collaborative working environment.
3. He was able to inspire and mentor young and new volunteers, like me, in contributing their time and energy to the magazine.

Anita Carleton – IEEE Software Advisory Board member; Director (Acting), Software Solutions Division; Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute

I strongly endorse Dr. Forrest Shull for the next President of the IEEE Computer Society. As a member of the Executive Leadership Team at Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (CMU SEI), I spent 3 years trying to hire Forrest, finally securing him as the Assistant Director of the SEI’s Empirical Research Office. The many qualifications that made Forrest such a strong candidate here at CMU SEI also position him to be an outstanding President. 

From working with Forrest not only at CMU but also when he was Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of IEEE Software, I have developed a close relationship and deep insight into his skillset. I fully recommend him on the basis of these characteristics:

His ability to manage diverse groups of computing professionals. I worked with Forrest on the IEEE Software Advisory Board when Forrest was the EiC. Forrest managed a diverse group of volunteer computing professionals (22 department and associate editors and 16 advisory board members) that included academics, industry/government practitioners, and consultants, who all worked together to put out a high-quality technical magazine with timely content.

His ability to build connections with industry. Forrest solicited participation from important industry organizations (e.g., Google, Microsoft) and helped expand IEEE content and outreach (such as the Software Expert Summits). At the SEI, we rely on Forrest to bring industry knowledge to the DoD.

His ability to think and work globally. Forrest and I worked as co-guest-editors of a special issue of IEEE Software, “The Future of Software Engineering.” Forrest was key in developing contacts internationally for the issue and ensuring their perspective was represented.

His extreme organizational skills. As EiC, Forrest kept the boards very engaged and producing content to fit the tight bi-monthly production cycle and taking on many special projects. At the SEI, I know I can count on Forrest to lead high visibility projects to get the job done on time.

His reputation as a consensus builder. At IEEE and at the SEI, Forrest maintains an open and collaborative working style where collaborators with all types of expertise and backgrounds feel included and that their contributions are valued.

His career focus on bridging research and practice. At IEEE Software Forrest consistently produced content that fit the mandate of “bridging research and practice” – academically sound as well as relevant to practice. His role at the SEI taps the same vein, and he works to ensure the SEI meets its goal of rapidly deploying software innovations with confidence in DoD.

In conclusion, I can’t imagine a better President for the IEEE Computer Society, and I sincerely hope you will consider my comments when evaluating him as a candidate for this position.

Hakan ErdogmusPast EIC of IEEE Software, Past Board of Governors member; ECE Faculty Member at Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley

I have known Forrest for over a decade and a half.  He joined IEEE Software as an associate editor when I was editor in chief. He quickly became an indispensable volunteer for the magazine, assuming additional roles over time, including creation of a new popular column. As associate and column editor, he contributed immensely to the magazine’s rising success, eventually replacing me as editor in chief. During his tenure, Forrest definitely left his own mark on the magazine, helping it become a star publication.

Part of his success is attributed to his outstanding people skills, his ability to establish productive and enduring relationships with the society staff as well as other volunteers. After his term at IEEE Software, Forrest served in various executive roles at the society level, on the board of governors as well on the publications board. He has always worked towards the betterment of the society and its members, consistently delivering results. Forrest is the epitome of integrity, experience, and achievement. He has a relentless commitment to volunteerism. He understands the need of the community and how to reconcile those needs with the constant and changing constraints placed on IEEE and the Computer Society during these trying and transformative times for professional societies and the publication industry. I fully support his bid to serve as President Elect. 

The opinions on this page are mine and are not necessarily those of the IEEE Computer Society or the IEEE.

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