Candidacy Position Statement

Over my decade of volunteering with the IEEE Computer Society (CS), I have found it immensely rewarding to work with all CS stakeholders to make our offerings better suited to the needs of our fast-moving field. I aim to continue this work during what is a critical, transformative time for the CS. We rely on our Society to keep ourselves competitive, regardless of whether we are researchers or practitioners. So the Society’s products and services must continue to evolve to maintain their relevance in today’s world.

To advance this focus on relevance, I commit to:

Work to ensure that we provide content and opportunities in critical technology areas, which keep members up to date on the skills they need. Achieving this requires providing more visibility into, and opportunities for participation in, our Technical Communities. We must be intentional about investing in emerging tech areas and continuously revitalize our existing communities.

Increase industry engagement. My career at the intersection of research and practice convinces me that the CS has an important role in helping meet the needs of industry computing professionals for continuous learning. We need to make sure that we are getting content to people in the ways they prefer to consume it and that we are addressing the needs of all segments of our field.

Expand activities and opportunities aimed at students and early career professionals. These groups are the future of the CS and have different needs than other types of members. It is important for us to help young members be more competitive in today’s market. We also benefit from the new ideas and new approaches they bring.

Improve support for Chapter activities, making it easier for good ideas to flow among chapters and for chapter members to participate in Society initiatives. These opportunities for networking and volunteerism help our members stand out as technical leaders.

Improve inclusivity in volunteer representation. The CS benefits from leadership that reflects our community, which requires supporting diversity at all levels of the Society.

Improve basic volunteer processes. As someone who uses our services myself, to publish, do reviews, and run conferences, I know the importance of having them be easy and reliable. Maintaining relevance requires focusing on the volunteer experience.

This website shows my history of volunteering with the Society, and endorsements from some of the volunteers with whom I have worked. These successes are the reason these commitments are achievable. Please look around and feel free to leave me feedback.

The opinions on this page are mine and are not necessarily those of the IEEE Computer Society or the IEEE.

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